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Product Image All but One_Speciality Carpet tile

All but One_Speciality Carpet tile

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Samples of these patterns cannot be purchased   

Tiles cost $45 each plus freight charges.

One of a kind custom designs by Milliken/Click on images below to see the different patterns

These beautiful patterns can be used as floor accents or framed wall hangings.

All patterns are 36x36 with the exception of Goofy - 40x40

Warehouse Pallet location : 231

Number of tiles available in each pattern.

 1  Goofy (40x40)
1  Ocean seashells (36x36)

8  Santa face (36x36)

2  Lady Bugs (36x36)

3  Butterfly’s (36x36)

3  Cherry Trees (36x36)

3  Small Crayons (36x36)

1  USC Trojan (36x36)

1  Billiards (36x36)

1  Leopard lg (36x36)

3- Leopard sm (36x36)

2  Autumn (36x36)

2  Big Crayons (36x36)

1  Camo (36x36)

1 -Model A (36x36)